Panda Plastics Policies

Shipping and handling

All of our track sets are sold plus postage. Panda Plastics does not charge for packaging or handling. Postage is at cost. Domestically, we generally ship via the Postal Service using Priority Mail. Generally, our shipments arrive anywhere in the continental United States within a week. Internationally, we generally recommend First Class International postal rates. Our experience is that transit time is close to Priority (10 to 16 days) for about half the price. Express mail service is available upon request. Whenever possible, we use flat rate boxes to minimize postage, both domestically and internationally. Postal rates both domestic and international shipments are now an integral part of the shopping cart.

Privacy Policy

Panda Plastics does NOT share or sell its customer list to any third party or marketing company under any circumstances. Also as a matter of policy, we do not keep any financial data such as credit card numbers as a part of my customer records. Once the transaction is completed, all card numbers, etc. are destroyed. This is to protect our customers from hackers. Even though I have an excellent firewall set up, unfortunately we have all read about the successes of hackers in securing personal data from customer records.