Worn T 48 Rubber Chevron

Our worn rubber chevron tracks sets sell for $21.95 plus shipping.

Worn T 48 Rubber Chevron info

T 48 Worn Rubber Chevron

Rubber tracks did not retain their new look for very long in combat.  These tracks wore down from sustained use and were damaged by running over battlefield debris, doing pivoting turns, hitting curbs, etc.  Our worn T 48 set depicts this typical wear with a worn down chevron as well as various cuts and gouges sustained on the battlefield.  Because we believe that damage is a matter of individual taste, our solution is to make tracks that satisfy this need by creating a relatively severe level of damage that allows the modeler to customize the severity and the pattern of damage desired for each model.   All that needs be done to reduce the damage level is to apply a suitably heavy coat of primer to the entire track run or fill in features with their favorite filler putty to alter the patterns of damage on each track.  Additional damage may also be added as desired.  Each sprue contains six track shoes, each with a distinctly different pattern of damage.

T 48 Worn Track Reference Photo